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Baking Soda: pros & cons

Baking Soda: pros & cons

Baking soda: your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it. It's true, you'll read blog posts and watch YouTube tutorials that tell you it's HORRIBLE to use on your face, and then the next one says it's the best invention since the selfie stick.

The bottom line with everything regarding skin care (we're learned) is to read both sides, weight it out for yourself, and TRY it! So here are a few do-s and don't-s that we have adopted into our Notox skin care library:)


Use baking soda as a paste with water: just because baking soda is NATURAL, doesn't mean it isn't powerful! You'll find that using plain old baking soda with water on your face may give you a smooth, silky feeling on your skin immediately following application, but your skin WILL pay for it! It's just WAY too "basic". LOL for real though. It's on the opposite end of the acid-basic spectrum & can totally throw off the pH of your face, leading to dry patches, acne, redness, and yucky-no-good-skin.


Use products containing baking soda: a good product will contain a little bit of baking soda, which works so magically with other natural ingredients. Not to brag but... our Dirty Girl face polish is a great example of this! There are amazing skin benefits for baking soda, like mild exfoliation, smoothness, de-congesting the pores, and helping clear out blackheads. But as with everything, balance is key. 


Use baking soda products every day: labels- read them! A good company will always make sure you know how often to use your powerful, natural goodies. And again, just because it's natural doesn't mean it's weak!


Use your baking soda products 1-2 times a week: your esthetician or your favorite blogger will agree with us on this, you shouldn't exfoliate more than twice a week. EVER. Once a week is optimal, but for excessively oily skin you can slide by with two times. This includes any baking soda products. You'll find that you WANT to reach for that product more often, but resist the urge! Too much of a good thing can have the reverse effect (as we mentioned above). Allow your skin enough time between uses to bounce back. You've just taken off a lot of dead skin, which is NOT a daily process! We recommend waiting AT LEAST 3 days in between "baking soda" days (or Dirty Girl days). 

Got more questions? Fire away! We love to hear from you & we want to know what you want to learn more about from this blog. Drop a comment or slide into our DMs on Instagram or FB. Our licensed esthetician on staff will get right on it!


Honey, I Shrunk the Pores | facts & myths about your pore size

Honey, I Shrunk the Pores | facts & myths about your pore size

So you spent $100 on a product that says it will shrink your pores? Girl, I HOPE YOU KEPT THE RECEIPT! Here are a few reasons why pore myths aren't true, why they exist, and the FACTS about "shrinking" your pores. We're keeping it short but sweet, babes!

Myth #1: Nose strips can clean out your pores and make them smaller

This one is not COMPLETELY untrue. It's more so "cleverly deceptive". The truth is, those strips just take the top layer of dead skin cells off, remove some dirt, but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to actually control oil production. Mind you, I myself am a lover of those strips, but I also follow it with a toner and natural serums and moisturizers afterward that help to control oil production after I've cleaned those bad boys out.

Solve it: you can keep using your nose strips {I know I will}, but also make sure you're using a toner AND an oil-controlling serum and/or moisturizer. May we suggest our Liquid Gold and/or Basic B****? Shameless Notox promo;)

Myth #2: Using toner makes your pores smaller

Now don't stop using toner...! What toner does is clean out your pores and keep them clean. Do you know what clean pores do? They LOOK smaller. You know how when you clean your room, the space almost looks different? It's the same with your pores. You can change their appearance by keeping them clean, and you can keep them clean by using toner morning and night.

Solve it: use toner without alcohol. WHY? Because alcohol will throw your skin into a dehydration-starvation circle. Stick to witch hazel based toners like our pH Queen. Plus, it has a super cool name.

Myth #3: Moisturizer will clog your pores

Ugh, I want to PUNCH whoever started this rumor. Straight in the face. This myth hits so close to home for me as an oily-faced gal who used to spend hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on "oil-control"-slash-chemical-filled products to help unclog my pores. All that did was get my skin hooked on all these chemicals and actually didn't solve my oil production problem at all. Not until I discovered that oil isn't the enemy... starving your face is the enemy!

Solve it: instead of purchasing "oil-free" or "oil control" lotions by your favorite chemical-filled brands {sorry not sorry}, try something that is grape-seed oil based, sweet almond oil, and/or jojoba oil based. All of these oils help to moisturize your face and TEACH your face to product less oils because it's getting good, healthy oils and it's happy!

That's all for pores folks! If you have any questions, comments, emojis, etc... to share with me- please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or send us an e-mail at hello@notoxgirls.com

Lots of love, lemons, and lavender to you all!

<3 Agnes {& all our Notox babes}