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3 Reasons We Get Acne {yes, all of us}

3 Reasons We Get Acne {yes, all of us}

40-50 million people in America are affected by the disgusting, annoying, horrible disease: acne. So no, you're not alone. Although there are 101 reasons that you may be plagued by it, here are the three leading causes- AND how to deal with them. You are OH SOOO welcome:) 

1. Make-up Make-over

I can respect the need for contouring on special occasion or gosh, even every damn Friday. However, all that heavy, oily stuff is SUFFOCATING your skin. Here are a few nasty, acne-causing ingredients to look out for {caution: many of them are found in your "amazing" pore-shrinking primers!}

***When buying makeup, a "key word" to look for is "noncomedogenic" which literally means: non-pore-clogging. To be REALLY safe and REALLY smart- go all natural or organic;)


2. Sneaky, Sinister Shampoo

I know what you're thinking... "but I don't use shampoo on my face!" Yes, I really do believe you. However, when you sweat with your hair down- every little strand of hair that even just happens to graze your face has now become an acne-causing machine. Obviously, I always suggest sulfate-free shampoos {beware: there are HUNDREDS of different, sneaky words for sulfate that will ALL clog your precious pores}. My personal favorite is Dr. Bronner's Citrus Hair Rinse.


Because it's so readily available at your local pharmacy- CVS and Walgreens always have some in stock. YES, please!

***If your hair needs extra love & moisture, rather than using your Pantene conditioner {omg please try to understand THAT label!}, try an avocado-hair mask once or twice a week. That, combined with coconut oil, will leave your hair super silky and smooth... AND your skin will be way happier!


3. More Is Not Better

Soooo you got a new acne-clearing face mask and you've been using it non-stop... We've all been there. And we've also used acne spot-treatments WAY MORE than just at night. And then maybe some sort of acidic wash in the morning and then a charcoal mask because hey, it's natural. YIKES! STOP!!! 

One of the most stressful and confusing things for skin is TOO MUCH. It's like trying to learn 8 languages at once. Seriously. Stick to one thing- your skin will work with you! In all your skin routines, don't forget to leave time for that healing process. We need it;)


***Oh and last but not least, leave the picking and popping pimples to the pros;) 



These are my top three... what are yours? Remember, everyone's skin is different! What may be crazy bad for me may be a "no-biggie" for you. But that's what makes us beautiful, ladies. The fact that no pimple is every identical {insert snowflake emoji please}.




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