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The NXG Promise

The NXG Promise

Why did I switch to food-grade skin care? I'm glad you asked:) We've all been there- washing our face at night before bed and trying to make sense of the label. It's quite ridiculous if you ask me.

Why are these companies putting Yellow number 5 into my face wash? I don't care if it's yellow or a fresh grapefruit pink. Unless you're putting grapefruit in there to color it, that nasty chemical-brimmed face wash has no right to be a beautiful and deceiving pink.

Here's our promise ladies: everything in your Notox Girls products is on the label AND ALSO in your local grocery store. Seriously! Coconut oil, cacao, coffee, lemon, shea butter, olive oil, sea salt, coconut sugar, non-GMO vegetable glycerin (that's a bit harder to find, but still 100% natural and helps you use less product and more results).

Now it's up to you. Give natural skin care a chance<3 We promise it won't smell like fertilizer. 


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