Coconut Oil {bet you haven't heard of some of these uses for it!}

I've got 99 problems and coconut oil solved like 86 of them. So funny and yet SO TRUE. But here are a few coconut oil uses that might make you laugh, cry, or even change your life.

1. Nipple Cream- Not just for the average Jane, but for those breast feeding moms, there are tons of nipple cream recipes online with a coconut oil base. Here's a good one.

2. Vegan Coffee Creamer- It doesn't taste quite like half-n-half, but I've added coconut oil to my cashew milk in coffee and it is TASTY! This only works for hot coffee, because coconut oil becomes solid in iced coffee:( And that makes for awkward chunks.

3. Detoxing Morning "Drink"- I'm not talking cups here. Please don't do that (or you will be on the toilet for the entire day). Start off with a teaspoon of virgin unrefined coconut oil like this one first thing in the morning for a week. You will feel a bit sluggish and weird the first few days because the coconut oil is seriously detoxing your body! Read more about drinking coconut oil here.

4. Sleep Aid- Seriously? I couldn't believe this one either. Adding coconut oil to a cup of warm tea before bed (caffeine free, obvs!) really helps your body release the hormone "melatonin" which tells your body that it's zzzzzz time.

5. Help Prevent Cancer- by EATING and APPLYING coconut oil. YUP! It's even got a bit of SPF in it when applied topically. Here's more info on this coconut oil use.

6. Absorb Less Chlorine in Poolsthis one is a life saver for me because I'm quite allergic to chlorine. Plus, chlorine has that super nasty public-pool-chemically smell. Nobody likes it! Rub some coconut oil on before you jump in the public pool & notice the difference when you head home!

7. Relieve Allergy Symptoms- when you rub a bit of coconut oil on the inside of your nose, not only will you smell the sexy coconut scent all day, but it's also known to help alleviate the sneezing that comes during allergy season.


This blog post is just another reminder that you don't have to buy everything you see on TV/Facebook Ads/etc... Some of the best things for your body are the simple things you can get from your local grocer:) 

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