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So you spend $300 on a new organic, non-toxic skincare line. Awesome. Super!... but is it enough? It's crazy how many times in my life, no matter the amazing liquid gold I put on my face, I would still get breakouts! Can I get an amen?

It took me a good 10 years to really discover that food makes or breaks your face. You REALLY are what you eat. Here are the top 3 YES! and NOOOO! foods that I swear by. Remember that these changes take time, but they last. Not only did I notice my breakouts clear up, but I also got a more even skin tone, smaller-looking pores, less wrinkles and fine lines, and tons more energy. Who wants know what my YES and NO foods are?


1. WATER: Ok, technically not a food, but absolutely vital! Helps to keep a big glass of water by your bed, and try starting your day with coconut water. Don't fuss about "all the sugar"... because it's the good kind that your body needs.

2. GREENS: Spinach! Kale! Cabbage! Zucchini! Cucumbers! All of these winners are packed with iron, zinc, FOLIC ACID, etc... Not only do they help your skin glow, but they also promote healthy hair and nails. And who doesn't love kale chips anyway? Seriously.

3. FATS: Get rid of all that fat-free junk. Like yesterday! Stock up on walnuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, and so many others. GREAT ARTICLE on how fats help your skin here.  Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can make you fat. But seriously, you don't need to eat the ENTIRE bag of walnuts... although I've been guilty of that before. No shame:)



1. DAIRY: Oh gosh, if I could emphasize this out the wazoo! I made the switch from dairy (milk, cheese, cream cheese, ice cream etc.) about half a year ago and LADIES... it's worth it! Not only is the dairy industry an absolutely grotesque process, but it throws off your body's pH level. That means stinky, zitty skin. Plus, cashew milk is so much tastier than cow milk. However, I will admit I had feta cheese on my salad yesterday. Oops, better get on the horse again!

2. PROCESSED: Because I can't imagine eating something that has 9,230 ingredients listed. That's a headache and an enemy of the human body in every way! The toxins hidden in all those ingredients cause you to age faster, make you more prone to degenerative diseases, not to mention those crazy energy crashes. I've also found that you can waste a lot of moolah at that neighborhood hipster Whole Foods salad bar if you try switching to non-processed foods without the commitment to use your own two hands. Sigh. Prepare foods one day a week that keep well in the fridge so that you always have something to grab on the go. I always have a big container of quinoa and some roasted beets on hand, and then salads/buddha bowls are a breeze.

3. COFFEE: This is a tough one, but it's more of a balance thing. I LOVE COFFEE. However, some mornings I reach for the herbal tea. Because my skin deserves the love. All that caffeine tends to dehydrate your skin, causing faster aging. If you can't live without your coffee, just even it out a bit. Don't drink it FIRST thing. Have your glass of water, coconut water, followed by that caffeine fix. And then follow it with more water. Or switch to the lesser-caffeine sister: green tea! You can love your body and still love caffeine too. (We love you coffee).

Hope that was a helpful read! Now get your glow on <3


Your fellow Notox Gal Pal,

Agnes S.

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Love it!!! After all the traveling I need to use this advice!

Margo April 28, 2017

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