Best At-Home Facial Ever {for your next self-care Sunday!}


First and foremost, it's good to be with you all again! Here's my absolute, 100% favorite at-home facial with Notox products and only Notox products. Let me know what you think and what Notox products do you use in your very own at-home spa routine? 

***This routine is great for all skin types!***

 STEP ONE: deep cleanse with Angel Face

In order to achieve a "deep cleanse" you just wash twice. That's it.

STEP TWO: open your pores with a hot towel

Turn on your sink until the water turns hot (or boil a kettle of hot water). Take a clean washcloth and soak it in the hot water. Ring the water out and apply to face. Please be careful not to use actual BOILING water because that will hurt!!! Dip the towel in the water again and apply to the face. Repeat until you feel your pores start to open up.

STEP THREE: exfoliate with Lemonade

Scoop a nickel-sized amount of Lemonade into your hand and EVER SO GENTLY scrub in circles. Avoid the eyes and don't press too hard. The sea salt will do all the work, and the harder you press, the more likely you are to actually DAMAGE your skin. So let's be gentle!

STEP FOUR: apply Mermaid Mud mask on top of Lemonade

Without removing Lemonade, apply a liberal amount of Mermaid Mud on top. Again, be gentle and add water if the mask is too thick (by getting your hands wet). Let that sit for 20-25 minutes.

STEP FIVE: apply Liquid Gold serum

Apply one pump of Liquid Gold all over, especially around the eyes. Really allow it to sink in before moisturizing next. For very oily skin, don't moisturize afterwards! Let the serum sink in and if the skin feels "tight", wet your hands with a bit of water and apply to your face, then pat dry.

STEP SIX: moisturize! Basic B 2.0

Not all of us need to moisturize daily (honestly, I moisturize every other day MAXIMUM), so listen to your skin and respond. If you've been feeling extra greasy, skip a day. If you're seeing dry patches, go to twice a day (but keep the layers nice and thin!). Always apply moisturizer to the chest FIRST, and then the remainder of product is for your face. That way, you don't use too much and you don't get that greasy-oily-shiny look that no one ever goes for.


So when's your next spa day...? 



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