Gut Girl {symptoms of an unhealthy gut & a recipe to beat it!}

This one will be short and sweet ladies and gents! My gorgeous sister has been telling me for YEARS about the benefits of chicken broth. I just recently started believing her {never too late, right?!} and can say that her recipe is absolutely the best. 

So why is a healthy gut important? Well here are a few symptoms of an UN-healthy gut, and I think you'll be convinced!

UN-healthy gut equals:

    • problems with digestionsquite unsexy, I know. But gassiness, weight gain due to irregular bowel movements and even gut "cramps" are all a sign that you should look out for your gut friend!
    • sugar munchiesscientists say that your gut releases hormones that regulate cravings, which make you reach for that ice cream pint late at night... eating that sugar keeps your gut upset and unhealthy. But at least now you know it's not just "will power"!
    • stinky breathyeah, you know what I'm talking about. Altoids can't help you here! It's internal. When that bad bacteria builds up, it affects your entire body. Enter: halitosis!
    • bad moodan unhappy gut doesn't allow your body to use its' happy hormone: serotonin. No serotonin, no giggles:(
    • eczema & other skin probswhile there may be many reasons for eczema and other skin irritations, an unhealthy gut is at the TOP of the list! Cutting out irritating foods with high acidity will always help {gluten, dairy, processed sugars, bad fats}.

Here's my lovely sister's AMAZING chicken broth recipe. Hope this helps you turn your gut health around people! It sure helped mine:)



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