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Hey girl {skin types with Ryan Gosling}

Hey girl {skin types with Ryan Gosling}

I've gone 29 years without REALLY knowing my skin type, until just a few days ago! So why is it important to know your skin type? Here are a few reasons:

1. You can buy and make products that will actually help HEAL your skin instead of just keep it the same way.

2. You can change your diet according to what your skin is telling you.

3. Makeup purchases become very different with each skin type.

I'm not going to go into all the different things EACH skin type should be tweaking in their routine {future blog post}, but here's a quick guide to help you figure out which one you are. Also, here's a picture of Ryan Gosling to make you feel all happy and warm inside <3

So there are 5 major "skin groups". Normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. Take a look below and see which one your skin is:)

NORMAL: small pores, no major breakouts, skin retains moisture without oily patches {you know who you are... you perfect skinned girls!}

OILY: medium to large pores, prone to black heads and white heads, you're the girls who carry around oil-blotting-tissue at all times {I'm definitely one of those blotters}.

DRY: small pores, skin has lost some elasticity, usually tends to be ladies 40s and up {which is why we start taking care of our skin EARLY on!}

COMBINATION: if you can't decide whether you're oily or dry, you're probably combo. You have a nice glossy t-zone area, but tend to be dry around the nose, mouth, and cheeks.

SENSITIVE: this is kind of an "add-on" skin type which just puts you in the fragile skin category. If you can't use products with perfume in them, or get redness when using very harsh products, you're most likely a sensitive-skinner as well as one of the other types.

"Ok Agnes, so now I know my skin type... I still have the same products and I don't really see how that helps me..." I can hear your minds working! Here are a few tips to keep in mind once you learn your skin type. More detailed blogs will be coming out shortly to tailor to each specific skin type. Woo hoo!!!

Normal: you can basically do whatever you want and your skin doesn't react. BUT keep in mind that skin changes as we age, so take care of it- moisturize, use your sun screen, and wash off that make-up before bed!

Oily: you probably have every acne spot treatment and black head mask on the planet! Don't forget that what you EAT is just as important if not MORE important than what you put ON your face. Stay away from greasy fried foods, red meats, and processed dairy. And don't over-do it on the products. Sometimes your skin just needs a little vacation from harsh chemicals.

Dry: this is a rare skin type in younger people, put it does happen. Don't forget that the kind of moisturizer matters! Don't put anything too oily on your skin because you have flaky, dry patches. Give your skin time to "soak up" moisture. Try an avocado face mask! Ingredients: mashed up avocados. Literally.

Combination: you may be a bit confused with your skin, but don't be freaked out. MOST people have combo skin! Just remember that you can use products on just "parts" of your face. Use your clay masks on your T-zone area, and your creamier products on the areas you feel dry. Mix it up!

Sensitive: oh this is a toughie... the only real advice I have for this one: you know your skin. Don't take the advice of every doctor and esthetician you meet! They may try to sell you a product because it's worked for someone else with sensitive skin. But all sensitive skin is sensitive for different reasons. Learn what your skin likes, avoid anything with too much scent {even natural scent!}.

Ok I'm going to leave you here. You can stay and hang out with Ryan G. or you can get on with your day. Up to you:)

Sending you love & coconut oil kisses!

<3 Agnes <3


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