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Kitchen To The Rescue {kitchen ingredients that can save your skin}

Kitchen To The Rescue {kitchen ingredients that can save your skin}

Sometimes you just don't want to buy any more products. Trust me, I have been there and have definitely done that! Here are a few kitchen ingredients that can help different problems with skin, and also keep your skin life interesting. Spice up your skin routine ladies!

1. Honey: honey has been used as a healing agent for skin since the times of the Bible. It has antibacterial properties, super healing properties, and the properties of a natural oil-free "moisturizer" for skin. Also, it tastes so freaking good:)

How: if you're a fan of making your own scrubs, try using honey as a base. One of my favorites is a face scrub of fine sea salt, honey, and a bit of fresh lemon. This helps heal your skin and also even out stubborn, dark skin spots. Feel free to use raw honey straight onto your face with out-breaks, because it's super gentle.

2. Oatmeal: oatmeal is probably one of the most amazing "healing" foods for the skin. It helps your skin retain its' natural moisture, so it is great for dry and oily skin alike. Also, it is great as a gentle cleansing agent and also helps even out skin tone. 

How: you can use your regular rolled oats for this {don't use instant or flavored oatmeal please!}. Put them in a blender or food processor and combine with water for a gentle cleanser or face mask. Here's a great link for some oatmeal skin and body care recipes.

3. Egg Whites: this one might sound a bit weird, but let me tell you IT WORKS! Egg whites {preferably from free-range eggs} really help tighten up your pores and make them appear much smaller. It's like a super amazing facial that doesn't smell the best, but definitely gives you quick results. Check out this link for a few egg-white masks that we love. 

How: separate the egg whites and whisk them together. Apply to a cleansed face and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. You will feel your skin tightening immediately! Also, you can add lemon juice, cucumber, honey, avocado, or cornstarch for different and amazing results. See the link above:)

4. Lemon: I can't emphasize enough how much I love lemon on my skin. It's the "miracle" fruit in every way. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning not only alkalizes your body, boosts your metabolism & immune system, but also helps bring life back into your skin. When used topically on the skin, you won't need any more expensive Vitamin C serums... trust me!

How: the key is to use FRESH squeezed lemon juice, not a store-bought option. If you don't have lemons, limes also work well. Apply the lemon juice straight to your skin with fingers or a cotton ball. Leave it on for a minute and rinse off with cold water. Do this a few times a week and watch your skin tone start to drastically improve & naturally "brighten" up.

5. Turmeric: packed with 300 antioxidants, turmeric {curcuma longa} is world-renowned for being one of the most anti-inflammatory and healing remedies available. It's especially powerful in treating acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and oily skin. 

How: there are countless turmeric recipes online, but these are my favorite!!!

6. Coconut Oil: this magic fat is good for skin and hair alike. Use it as a make-up remover, on wounds or scars to help them heal quicker, and even to prevent razor burn when shaving {mind you, it will clog your razor if your shower water isn't hot enough}. Eating/drinking coconut oil also reallyyyyy helps by boosting your metabolism and nourishing your gut. It's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it like SUPER awesome.

How: as a makeup remover, just scoop some coconut oil into your hands and apply to a dry face. As you see your makeup coming off, start to add water to your hands and add to face slowly. Obviously, you won't need to moisturize after this one.

7. Baking Soda: oh baking soda, where would I be without you?! This white powdered goodness is a beautiful pH balancer for skin. When used too regularly, it can actually be TOO powerful for skin {it's seriously powerful}. The beautiful thing about using baking soda as an exfoliant, is that it is both physical and "chemical" exfoliation {chemical meaning that it's a different and double-y effective cleanse}. 

How: you can use a simple baking soda and water paste as a cleanser or a mask. Here are a few more fun recipes with baking soda.

8. Brown Sugar: one of the only natural sources of glycolic acid makes brown sugar your new best friend. It fights bacteria as an alpha-hydroxy acid, which keeps your skin looking young while helping your young cells regenerate faster. Brown sugar helps fight sun damage and also has great benefits for aging skin. A much cheaper option than those chemical peels!

How: you can use brown sugar on your face, but it is more often used on the body {since the granules are a bit larger than salt}. Check out these great recipes for face and body.

9. Sea Salt: if you're not living on an island with easy beach access and the amazing benefits of ocean water, the sea salt in your kitchen is the next best thing. Don't use sea salt on open sores or skin that you've picked at {it's ouchy!}, but it's great as an addition to your weekly exfoliating. Amazing for body AND face:) It's naturally anti-bacterial, so it really helps control break-outs before they become really problematic. Additionally, it's very good for sensitive skin.

How: adding sea salt to any of your existing products is the easiest way to incorporate it into your skin routine. However, here are a few more ways to use sea salt for all-over health.

10. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: the great thing about ACV is that it's super cheap and will last you a loooooong time. It helps even out skin tone {read my blog post See Spots Run}, and when you consume it- your gut will LOVE you, not to mention that you will probably lose a bit of "stubborn" weight that's just sitting there in your gut!

How: when applying it to skin, put a bit of RAW apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply straight to face. For extra results, don't wash it off {only if you're using it at night, because sunlight can be extra damaging...}. To drink ACV, mix it with a bit of purified water and drink it first thing in the morning. Add cinnamon for a tasty twist! 


Now get in your kitchens & start cooking up an amazing skin treat! <3



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