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Risky Roulette {the game you shouldn't play with skin care}

Risky Roulette {the game you shouldn't play with skin care}

"Why do I need to use natural products? Does my skin need it even though I don't have any problems?" These are questions that I frequently get, and TOTALLY understand. If you're one of those lucky girls who has flawless skin and washes it with only water... we all envy you! Not all of us are so fortunate.

BUT {and this is a big but!}, starting your skin on natural skincare is the best way to prepare yourself in case your body is preparing for a hormonal mess and isn't warning you. I've seen so many young ladies who neglected their skin in their teens and the universe threw them for a loop with a swarm of acne, blackheads, etc... and they didn't see it coming! 

Here are a few of my suggestions on switching to all-natural skincare. Glow on!


1. Pace Yourself: it's never a good idea to do too much at once. Whether it's with your diet, working out, or switching skin care lines. If you've been using the same products your whole life and now you're thinking about all the nasty chemicals in them... just switch out one thing at a time. Maybe switch to a natural moisturizer first, and then the cleanser in a week or two. And always remember, there's 100% natural products you can get right in your super market! My personal favorite is Witch Hazel as a toner. Cheap, easy, and so accessible.


2. Do the Math: a lot of natural companies over-inflate prices because they have that "b**** better have my money" mentality... Do your research and find a company that has honest prices for what they're offering. And remember, natural skin care will always cost you more money in the beginning, but when you start seeing those gorgeous results- you can stop splurging on spot treatments and facials in times of desperation!


3. A Little Goes a LONG way: here's a little life hack for natural face products- start with a tiny bit and on a dry face. Add water to your hands little by little, and you've saved yourself a good 50% of product! The same can be said for body scrubs. Instead of scooping out an entire handful, use two fingers and put some product in your shower loofah or scrubbing mitt. We've all had the huge piece of body scrub that falls and you can never get back! {tears!!!}


4. The Early Bird: don't wait for face problems. Ladies, they will come! Whether it's dry skin in your 50s or acne in your teens... nobody can completely escape them. So if you're on the fence about your skin care regime, take a look at some of these toxins to avoid and why, and may it help you change your mind!


Much love, witch hazel, and absolutely no toxins!

xx Agnes


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