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Schedule Yourself to Sexy {why a daily routine is so important for your health}

Schedule Yourself to Sexy {why a daily routine is so important for your health}

Summer is totally here! And so are days filled with hours of no school, no studying for exams, no holiday deadlines, and tons of down time {at least for most of us!}. While relaxing is a VERY good thing in moderation, too much of it can lead to a lazy mentality and all-around lazy lifestyle. That equals unhealthy eating, more glasses of wine than you'd normally drink, more scoops of ice cream than you'd ask for, and more naps than all your cats!

I can hear the questions already ladies... "why is that a bad thing?! I LOVE NAPS!" Read through a list of these not-so-good results of too much vacay {the naughty list}. And then I'll give you a few amazzzzzing results and rewards of establishing a daily routine {the nice list}!

The Naughty List:

  • Never-ending binge: when you don't establish a daily routine, you'll say yes to every "last minute" invite. You'll go watch the sports game late at night, you will go to the BBQ, you will attend everything you can because face it- you're bored! Don't get me wrong- spending time with people is GREAT for your serotonin levels and happy hormones. However, if that's all the brain stimulation that you are getting, you may find yourself ALWAYS hanging out, and never actually getting anything done!
  • Netflix & stuff-your-face: ok I am SOOOO guilty of this one & was loyal to it for years! Nothing to do, nowhere to be, might as well catch up on EVERY SHOW EVER... and hey, Chinese food goes great with House of Cards.
  • No thanks, Zumba: you'll always have that one friend who invites you to spinning, Zumba, yoga, pilates, cross-fit, softball, etc. Be honest though, after you've finished all your TV shows, your Chinese food, and your ice-cream... the last thing you want to do is jump around to Enrique Iglesias and a bunch of fit people.
  • Nappy: meet the dwarf that didn't quite make it into Snow White's crew... when your day is blank, your bed probably doesn't get made, you most likely won't shower, and you fall in love with napping ALL THE TIME. Although naps are healthy during a stressful day, they're not really meant to be an all-day-every-day type of activity.

Ok let's have a chat. Don't feel bad if this is you- I'm not here to preach at anyone, because I've been the naughty-lister for so much of my life! However, the best thing that ever happened in my personal life was establishing a daily schedule for myself. No one is going to "make you" do it... and that's kind of the beauty of it! You become the master of your day, and you decide what you are capable of and the goals you will kick in the a**!!! So now here's the nice list- all the great rewards of establishing your schedule, the great things to expect & work toward!


The Nice List:

  • Namaste: you will start experiencing LESS stress, more purpose, and more "zen" in your life if you're DOING something. Like they say, "an idle mind is the devil's playground".
  • Neater Nesting: you'll find that in general, even if you are a "messy" person, you will really enjoy an organized area to live in. The more you do throughout the day, the more you realize how MUCH time you have & how much you've always wasted!
  • Nice-cream: don't knock it 'til you've tried it {here's ten BOMB recipes}. Nice cream is just one example of perfectly tasty-and-still-healthy sugar craving alternatives. Those usually don't happen when you're Netflixing and Chinese-take-out-bingeing. When you are in control of your day, your time, and your emotions, making the healthier decision is a bazillion times easier.
  • Night Owl: the really crazy thing about having a busy {AND productive} day, is that you don't get tired quite the same. I'm not talking about the 1 or 2 AM crazy people, but I'm saying that your body can carry you through the day so you can relax with your loved ones and not be ultra-sleepy from your 77 naps earlier that day. The serotonin and endorphins released throughout the day {as a result of achievements} are not going to let you down:)


And now you're saying, "okkkkkkk, I need to make a daily routine. I get it! But where do I start?" Here's YET ANOTHER list- this one is just 3 simple steps that will help you get started on that. They're not stressful, won't over-bear you, and will definitely steer you in the right direction my babes:)


What Next?

1. Early Bird: you don't have to go crazy with waking up early, but it is proven to help your daily productivity to wake up before 9 AM. I always have my favorite "inspiration" song as my alarm clock. Those annoying traditional alarm clock sounds make me wake up angry, nervous, and kind of mad at the world. LOL.

2. Top 10: it may not be 10 things for everyone, but I like to have a list of at least 10 things I want to accomplish throughout the day- not task is too small. Sometimes it's 10, sometimes it's 17! Divide these "to-do-tasks" into three categories:

  • 100% totally must- in this category, I have the tasks that help me function as a human and a businesswoman. Like: shower, do the dishes, get groceries for taco night, write a blog, deliver products, write the e-mail to so-and-so...
  • 75% totally must- here is where I put things that I ABSOLUTELY should be doing, but things that don't stop me from having a great day. I will almost always do at least one of these things. For instance: go to morning yoga, practice guitar, work on your tan, make some pesto from all the basil in the garden, etc...
  • 25% totally must- this is my "dream" list, but it's like daily dreams. Nothing crazy {save that for your dream board!}. Examples: start learning Greek for your trip to Greece next month, find a new secret beach, prank call your best friend (always throw in something funny), watch a Tony Robbins motivational video on YouTube, etc.

3. LISTS, LISTS, LISTS: omg I love making lists {can you tell?}. Whether it's on my iPhone, in a notebook, on the back of an old receipt, wherever! They make me feel like I'm 50% there and I'm so much more likely to actually do something if I have it on a list. It sounds kinda crazy, but I stand by it all day every day. Writing something down also helps you remember it so much better. Go and list your way out of laziness! 


So ladies, if you don't have a daily routine- I hope I've encouraged you to make one & I hope you feel empowered and not over-burdened by info. The best thing you can do for your day is treat it like a gift- "this is the day the Lord has made" vibes. Treat it like a cute cuddly puppy, like a very precious thing, and like your friend- not your enemy! Let's do this together!!!





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