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Dry Brushing {your skin's new BFF}

Dry Brushing {your skin's new BFF}

This is a long awaited blog post, but you ladies have asked and here it is... WHAT IS DRY BRUSHING?!?! 

WHAT: it goes back years and years, and is now offered in most salons. Basically, it's just how it sounds: brushing your skin when it's dry {usually before showering for best results} and always brushing towards the heart. You start at your feet and hands, working towards the chest. Here are a few of my favorite brushes {the face one is smaller and more gentle}.

WHY: the benefits of dry brushing are more surprising and amazing than I ever imagined. Here are just a few reasons you should start doing this like yesterday.

1. Lymph It Up: lymphatic support? Stay with me here. This is the MOST IMPORTANT and most beneficial result of dry brushing. Basically, a fancy way of saying that dry brushing really helps with your body's immune system and the detoxing process. Your lymphatic system is made up of vessels, lymph nodes, organs and ducts that transport lymph throughout your body. Dry brushing helps stimulate that flow and brings your detoxing to the next level {naturally!}.

2. Dead Skin Gone: the exfoliating benefits are quite obvious even after just the first time. Removing dead skin cells regularly is proven to get you smoother, happier skin in even a few days. Over the years, I've noticed the appearance of cellulite diminish, pores on my face look smaller, and the skin overall just feels tighter {peach emoji}.

3. Pore-fect: it helps clean the dirt and oil out of your pores without harsh chemicals or extreme microderm treatments {which have their place, but can get really pricey!}. When you empty out your pores using this lymphatic-magic way, especially in the T-zone oily area, you will notice that over time your pores really will look smaller! For the face I use this smaller brush that is more gentle.

4. Cellu-what: like I've posted in my "The C Word" blog post, cellulite never really "disappears". Grrrrrr!!! However, dry brushing is one of T-H-E best ways to get smoother skin, which does make cellulite less visible. I've fallen into the trap of believing that super expensive laser methods do more for me than natural methods. WRONG. Dry brushing will do exactly the same thing for your cellulite {and save you a couple hundred bucks in the process!}.

5. Red Bull: this is a nice little perk {get it?} of dry brushing... ENERGY! It's kind of random, and you wouldn't expect it, but I am telling you- there's a little energy boost after you dry brush. It could be that it is a little bit of a workout, but also the increased lymph circulation really gets your buzz going. If you're looking for a time of day to dry brush, I definitely suggest mornings! New routine: coffee, dry brush, shower, go:)

HOW: starting at the bottom of your feet, brush with very light pressure and in long strides. Always brush towards your heart, and when you get to your tummy and armpits, brush clockwise and especially lightly {nothing worse than over-exfoliating sensitive areas}. I like to cover each area with 8-10 strokes. On your face, use the smaller delicate brush and do clockwise circles as well. You can find helpful "face maps" of different motions you can use on your face. I find that they can all get a bit nit-picky. Just be gentle and go in small circles:) 

EXTRA CREDIT: this is a no purchase necessary bit! If you have a bath mitt of natural loofah {always better than the plastic-derived ones}, try dry brushing before using your shower gel or body scrubs. You will find that you're also able to use WAY less product if you actually place the product in your bath mitt to apply post-dry-brushing. So instead of using a handful of body scrub, just do a quarter-sized drop in your mitt and watch it cover your entire body. Here's my everyday-use favorite bath mitt. It's probably saved me 85% of different body products over the years! 

So here's what you should take away: dry brushing? YES, you should try it! It never hurts to help your skin out a bit, and it's nice and cheap. Check out your local grocery store for their options on these brushes. You won't be disappointed ladies. And as always, let me know how you like it. You glow girls <3

Much love, scrubs, and bubble suds-