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The ABC's of Acne {why we get it & how to beat it!}

The ABC's of Acne {why we get it & how to beat it!}

Acne. It's my least favorite word ever invented. But here's the truth ladies... WE ALL STRUGGLE WITH IT, in one form or another. Whether you get hormonal breakouts, sugar breakouts, post-gym breakouts... we all know that word.

So what should be done about this horrible, nasty thing? My answer: LOTS! But the very first thing that should be done is embracing it. Acne is a natural part of every girl's, boy's, man's and woman's life. It's not some alien invention, it's not weird. It's super freaking normal! But here are a few top reasons that you may be seeing breakouts on your face.

ACNE 101: why you get it and how to change it

1. Diet: 

I bet I got your attention with that picture, huh? I mean, who in the world doesn't want a burger and fries?! And ladies, it's a touchy subject, but I made it first because it's really that important.

In my younger years, I had extremely acne-prone skin and later, I learned that I had quite a severe allergy to gluten. What?! Next thing you know, I cut out gluten, my face clears up {bye, bye acne!}, and I lose 15 pounds as a nice little bonus!

It may not be gluten for you, but maybe it's cookies? Maybe it's ice cream? So many studies have shown that sugar and dairy are d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y linked to what happens on your face.  

What to do: don't go crazy... that never works. Choose a few foods to "switch" out. So instead of ice cream, try some frozen yogurt. Instead of white bread (loaded with sugar!), try the tasty cousin- whole grain bread. It's the small things that count. The truth is that the struggle is soooo real. But even the smallest change will make a difference. And if you're up for the challenge, try cutting out gluten with me...:)


2. Happiness:

 Wait what? Yeah, happiness is such a big trigger to your skin. If you're over stressed, over worked, and overly tired... how do you think your skin feels?!

What to do: take the first 10 minutes of your day to NOT check your phone (omg YES you can do it!) and just focus on yourself. Meditate on the good things in your life, be thankful, turn on some ocean waves in the background and take yourself to your favorite beach. Watch your skin start to glow because your brain is tranquil and bliss-y again!


3. Products:


You may not realize it, but a lot of the skincare industry doesn't ACTUALLY care if your face gets better for life. They want you hooked- like a drug you need every day. Why do you think they put those harsh chemicals in the face wash?? So that you have to buy the moisturizer! It's not fair, it's not nice, and it seriously stinks! 

this is where you expect me to push my skincare line into your face. Not the case! Here's a quick overview of my story: I started going to estheticians and dermatologists at the age of 14 and they all told me different things. "Try chemical peels, try microdermabrasion, don't use sunscreen, use lots of sunscreen, etc..." What did I learn? THEY DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! You know your skin better than anyone else, so you know what works and what doesn't. Bottom line!

What to do: figure out your skin type. One of the biggest lies of the skin industry is that oily skin needs to dry up, dry skin needs a plethora of heavy lotion, and acne needs pills. The truth about all of it is this: don't settle for a short term solution. I encourage you to research your skin type, research the natural ways to heal your skin, and move forward with those. I mean how amazing is coconut oil?! I have oily skin and I can put that stuff on for dayzzzzz! 

If you're looking to switch skin care lines, don't do drastic changes. Incorporate one or two new products a week and see how your face feels. Take advantage of "sample packs". Those are usually a great bargain and that way, you get a week or two of sampling without committing to a whole new line!


Ladies, my heart is with you. I am a fellow acne angel (cute isn't it?), and I can tell you that life goes on! But when you just want your face to get better, try some of these steps. Tell me how it works! And please send me requests on what to post on the blog. 

Much love, chia seeds, and acne-free living!




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