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Truth or Dairy

Truth or Dairy

Not quite as fun as the game you remember from grade school, but WAY more important is this "game". It's the battle between humans and dairy. I think God knew my struggle, so he helped me out a bit by making me more lactose sensitive as I grow older... which I am now SOOOO thankful for!

So what's the deal with dairy? I'm glad you asked.

I first learned about the inflammatory properties of it when one of my sisters was in a car accident and had some problems with her spine. The doctor told her to stop eating dairy. WHAT? I thought dairy had good protein, calcium, and made my bones stronger? Oh wow, how false is that! Did you know that dairy is linked to a BUNCH of health problems? We're talking cancer, diabetes, autism, joint problems, etc...  Here's a great article on it.  

So what do we do from here? I mean, warm goat's cheese on top of a spinach and cranberry salad is bliss. I KNOW! But here's the magical word: moderation. Always moderation.

After my sister cut out dairy upon doctor's orders, I figured I should try it too. It wasn't a cold turkey thing, but I was adding coconut milk into my morning coffee instead of half-n-half. That was the first step. And then it was cutting down on the salty, super rich cheeses. That was quite difficult. But I decided that how I feel is JUST as important as how food tastes. That's really the key. Tastebuds are such a small part of our body, and yet we often let them rule our whole life.

In conclusion, let me give you a few benefits that I saw in myself when I cut down on dairy, and eventually cut it out. Be inspired babes!

  • Less breakouts
  • Smaller tummy/less bloating
  • Less after-meal crashes
  • No need for afternoon naps!
  • Smaller pores
  • More even skin tone
  • Less cellulite (because of all the salt in dairy!)
  • Less cows killed:)

Is giving up dairy an option for you? Give it a try! It never hurts. And tell me how you like it. As for me, there's no looking back. 

Much love, less cheese, and less cellulite!



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