Water Is The New Black {why water should be your new BFF}

There's much to be said for vegan eating, and organic produce, and heck- even natural skin care! However, without that H2O... all of these things really can't fix the biggest problem with the world: dehydration. Here are a few quick tips on how to get more water in your system and what to expect. Drink up!

1. More Energy: one of the things you'll notice when you're dehydrated is that brain lag. Because the brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better. 

Instead of reaching for coffee FIRST, grab a large glass of water (I love adding fresh squeezed lemon juice to mine) and down that baby before you drink your joe. 

2. Fat Loss: water is one of the only natural hunger suppressants and the best way to get rid of the by-products that fat leaves behind. That's the kind of fat that sticks around for years and takes up way too much space. For real.

When you're feeling hungry and it's been less than two hours after your last meal, try a glass of water. Coconut water is also great. It's a natural hunger-suppressant and that's why we REALLY love water;)

3. Toxin-Killa: kidney stones and UTI's are often linked to not enough water intake. Although there may be other reasons for those, water always helps flush out whatever doesn't belong in your body.

Sweating it out also helps with detoxing. I love jump roping when I'm feeling a bit "toxic", as well as sauna sessions.

4. Glow: skin needs water more than it needs good skin care products. FACT! Fight wrinkles, improve your skin tone, keep that young "bouncy" botox look without the botox:)

Next time you reach for your moisturizer, drink a glass of water. I always keep a huge mason jar of water in my bedroom because if you see it, there's like 99.99% more chance you'll drink it!

5. Good Poops: haha, I had to write that. But in all reality, water is ESSENTIAL to keeping that stuff regular. Constipation is SO UN-FUN. 

Laxatives seem like "the answer" in times of desperation, but if you look into their effects on the body- they're pretty flipping scary! Instead of popping pills, drink warm water with lemon or even a dab of olive oil in there. There are always great natural solutions for this super awkward and yet totally normal problem.

6. Advil-free: along those same anti-pill-popping lines, water is also a natural headache remedy! Although this obviously doesn't cover serious cases of migraines, hydrating really does help you fight those darned post-wine nights and hot summer days.

You don't have to stop taking your Advil or Tylenol if you really don't want to, but isn't pill-free what we're all going for? And hey, water is free. Drink, drink, drink!

7. Bone Healthy: water helps keep your joints lubricated and working well together. Lack of water also causes muscle cramps, which are absolutely no fun.

Before, during, and after a workout- WATER! Pre-workout supplements are quite dangerous in the respect that they make you "feel" energetic and hydrated, however it's absolutely false. If you love your pre-workout, choose an all-natural one without artificial sweeteners or dehydrating chemicals (which act as the "uppers"). Here's a great one. However, always drink DOUBLE OR TRIPLE the amount of water if you're working out with the help of supplements!


So now that we know even more reasons to drink water, how do we get about ACTUALLY drinking more? Here are my top tips:

  • > carry a water bottle whenever you leave the house
  • > keep a water jug or water bottle next to your bed and drink throughout the night
  • > add lemons, cucumber, mint, etc... to your water to keep it interesting!
  • > try coconut water when you're hungry (especially easy if you're living on an island like me! #stLucia)
  • > if you're drinking alcohol, throw in a glass of water between every glass of wine or cocktail (or add ice to your glass of white wine)
  • > eat more water-full veggies: cucumbers, kale, cucumbers, zucchini 


Cheers to better skin, more energy, and better poops!




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