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love from
saint lucia

Agnes Savenok

Hey Babe!

first of all...

welcome welcome welcome to Notox!

I hope we’re the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to your skin . My name is Agnes and I’m the original Notox babe. It all started with me and my skin journey- which has been all over the place. I’ve never been the girl with perfect skin, so omg I know how it feels to be skin-conscious!

what i found in saint lucia

a true change


When I moved to St. Lucia

this gorgeous little island in the Caribbean

I fell in love with the natural ingredients all over the place. It didn’t take long at all to start listening to customers and their biggest skin concerns. Every product is hand crafted alongside Dr. Gayle Segovia of Caribbean Blue Naturals who has over 20 years of experience in the skin biz.

We listen

to what you need & then we create products.

When our babes said they needed help with dark marks and discoloration, we put our main efforts into creating effective products to help with just that. Oily skinned babes said they wanted a lighter moisturizer so we reformulated our Basic B* to make it oily babe friendly. Notox really is ALL about our babes.


the notox difference

We have a big fat bottom line:

None of the chemicals, all of the results. Every day I’m blown away by all the reviews, progress, and skin success stories over the years.

I'm here for you!

I’m always here, eager to hear your stories, suggestions, and see your #nomakeup selfies! Let’s keep changing the natural skincare industry together 🙌🏽