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Q: Which product(s) would you recommend to fight acne?

A: Our Dirty Girl face wash is a little miracle jar that fights oils, kills existing bacteria and helps stop acne from showing up on your pretty face. The combination of cleansing oils, activated charcoal and baking soda give you a squeaky clean feeling and help fight even the worst cases of acne:)

Q: I have very oily skin. What can I use to help with that?

A: There are a few products we recommend to use together to help control the oily skin factor: Dirty Girl and Mermaid Mud.

Dirty Girl has cleansing oils, activated charcoal, and baking soda to really help clean out your pores and reduce oiliness but not strip your face of oils completely (that has a reverse effect!).

Mermaid Mud is a seaweed, moringa, and clay mask that will tighten your skin after just one use! With a combination of 3 different clays, every skin type will benefit from this- but ESPECIALLY oily skin!

Q: Do you have anything that helps reduce cellulite?

A: Well here's the truth about cellulite: you can't "reduce" it, BUT you can make it less visible (yay!). Notox Girls has a wonderful smelling and super cellulite-fighting coffee scrub called Mocha Mint. Coffee has been known to fight the appearance of cellulite because of its' high caffeine content- which helps to tighten the skin. When used on relatively dry skin, it has CRAZY powerful effects on cellulite (see my blog about cellulite-fighting remedies!)