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24k {turmeric spots-gone stick}

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Scars, spots, sun damage... see you later alligator. Turmeric is here to save the day in so many ways. With its' infamous anti-inflammatory benefits and the antibacterial tea tree oil goodness, you've got a treasure on your hands! Kinda like your very own superman:)


Directions: after cleansing, apply 24k to blemishes, breakouts, or areas with uneven pigment for 20 minutes before wiping off with damp cotton pad. Use as much as you like:) 24k will not stain your skin, but it will stain clothing and towels!

For extra Hollywood results, wash off 24k with our Lemonade face scrub & top it off with our brightening serum: Liquid Gold. Tri-fecta against dark spots and discoloration!


Ingredients: grape seed oil, beeswax, turmeric, tea tree oil, vitamin E, geranium oil.

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