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Selfie Line

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EC $190

Our newest addition, and O.M.G. it is glorious! This full line package deal includes:

Angel Face- a tee tree oil and lavender daily face wash that breaks through oils, makeup, and leaves your skin squeaky clean.

pH Queen- an herbal blend face toner that brings perfect balance back to your face with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and a blend of herbal essential oils.

Liquid Gold- a daily "miracle" serum that has a sea moss and aloe vera base, along with the super anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid and hibiscus extract {nature's botox!}.

Basic B 2.0- your favorite light, daily moisturizer has a lighter twin and she has made her way into our #selfie line. Basic B**** 2.0 pairs so beautifully with all the products in this line. It's the perfect herbal blend of basil, lemon, jojoba oil and grape seed oil, leaving your face fresh & happy. We recommend this lighter option for oily skin.

1 month supply includes:

60mL Angel Face

60mL pH Queen

30mL Basic B 2.0

10mL Liquid Gold


3 month supply includes:

120mL Angel Face

120mL pH Queen

60mL Basic B 2.0

30mL Liquid Gold

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